Each character's innate capabilities are described using eight statistics -- one associated with each element. The statistics for the four worldly elements affect combat, and the statistics for the four celestial elements affect magic. The elements can also be associated in pairs -- Air and Sun, Fire and Iron, Earth and Moon, and Water and Star, for having similar effects for combat and magic.

Statistic Descriptions Edit

Combat Magic
Toughness Constitution (CN), the Earth statistic, represents a character’s ability to withstand being injured, wear heavy armor, and resist debilitating physical effects, such as poison or disease. Ki (KI), the Moon statistic, represents the stamina and energy reserves of a character, and the ability to resist magic.
Grace Dexterity (DX), the Water statistic, represents the coordination, balance, and agility of a character. It affects how accurately they can attack in melee and ranged combat, defend in combat, and how easily they can perform weapon maneuvers. Karma (KA), the Star statistic, affects a character’s ability to control, aim, and manipulate magic. It also represents the general artistic/creative ability of the character.
Power Strength (ST), the Fire statistic, affects the damage that a character can deal in combat, and how readily the character can critically hit an opponent. Will (WL), the Iron statistic, affects how potent a character’s own magic is, and how resistant a character is to magical attacks involving things like Fear and Domination.
Swiftness Speed (SP), the Air statistic, represents how quickly a character can act and react. It affects how quickly a character can move and act in combat, how many defensive Reactions can be taken, and how well a character can dodge. Insight (IN), the Sun statistic, represents a character’s awareness and alertness. It also represents a character’s ability to gain and use skills and abilities, including magic.

Statistic Values Edit

A statistic's value is the same as it's effect. Dexterity affects Hit with weapon -- a DX of 3 means +3 to Hit. The possible values, with general interpretations are as follows:

  • -3: minimum value -- character is completely crippled with regard to the statistic
  • -2 to -1: below average
  • 0: average
  • 1-2: above average
  • 3: best in town
  • 4: Heroic
  • 5: Peak human performance
  • 6-8: Legendary
  • 9-10: Demi-god